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Car Rental in Indonesia

Renting or travelling using car is very familiar if you go to Indonesia, especially if you plan to go to rural or small town. Public transportation (bus, train, or taxi) are available, but most of them are not comfort enough and have very limited route. You can see people smoke inside the bus or they stop more than 30 minutes to wait the bus full. It will waste your times and also energy. On the other hand, car rental is quite cheap in Indonesia, and it is the best choice if you want to go more than 3 places in a day outside the town. Here is our Feel-Indonesia recap about car rental in Indonesia. So, check this out!


Ride Taxi in Indonesia

Taxis in Indonesia almost the same shape as in Americas or Europe, with a sedan-type car with two rows of seats, and complete with indicator lights above empty or occupied cab body. Taxis can be catched easily near airports, stations, or bus terminal in the big cities in Indonesia. But, in rural or small cities, it is quite difficult to find that. Taxis in Indonesia is quite cheap if you compare it with taxi in other countries, but the standard service is very good and the cabin is cool and comfortable. Please consider the Feel-Indonesia guide to riding a taxi in Indonesia.