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Are you sure about your trip to Indonesia?

From a long time ago, Indonesia was only famous of Bali and Jakarta. Now, Lombok, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat gather new attention from the world. But, Indonesia has a lot of beautiful tourists spots and attractions. Travel information about Indonesia can be accessed easily on the internet, but usually, it was not complete, especially for the access and place or attraction descriptions. is a site that provides information on travel and life in Japan which is based on direct experience of the authors. And we (Feel Indonesia Team) try to provide you information about Indonesia.

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The entire tourism travel writing and descriptions that you read were our story of traveling in Indonesia. The goal is simple, want to share more about the beauty of Indonesia to the all people in the world.

Daniel Christian, an electrical engineer. During his undergraduate school, Daniel travels a lot for doing projects. Bali and North Sumatera was his favorite place beside Belitong and Maluku.

Nugroho Christian, lives in Japan for pursuing his master degree of electrical. Loves travelling in Japan, and also Indonesia, his beautiful hometown. He enjoy travels to Lombok and peaceful Jogjakarta.

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