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Feel-Indonesia readers often ask about Indonesia, mostly about the food, about shopping and get the nice goods, and of course about the transportation. Yes, Indonesia was still under-development country, so you will see several problems especially about the rules and transportation. But, Indonesia was still worth for your holiday plan, if you follow this short tips from Feel-Indonesia Team. So, take a small notebook, and you can write about Travel Tips in Indonesia. Here you go!

Travel Tips in Indonesia

1. Fasting

Indonesia is the biggest Moslem country in the world. During Ramadhan, people will fast for one month. Most of tourism spots and facilities are still open for public without any changes. But, during this time, some restaurant or cafe will close during the day and will be open just before the break fasting time (around 6 PM). So, it will be quite difficult to have breakfast or lunch outside the hotel or in the tourism spots. Better you eat in the hotel or resorts and bring some foods for your lunch. It is wise not eat in front of people or publicly.

Travel Tips in Indonesia Food when fast breaking

Travel Tips in Indonesia: Food when fast breaking

2. Food

Don’t ever eat fruit with its skin, like apples or pears. In your home country maybe its not so popular or weird, but Indonesia fruit sometimes contains pesticides or insecticides especially on the skin. Besides that, avoid raw vegetables or vegetable salad menu except when you are in reputable restaurants. Ice in restaurants is safe, but in the tourism, spots don’t buy the drink while the ice is input into your drink or juices.

Travel Tips in Indonesia Eating Fruits

Travel Tips in Indonesia: Eating Fruits

3. Tips when Shopping

Street or beach vendors are often pushing too hard to tourists and make us feel inconvenient. Believe me, they are also pushed by their bosses to sell and sell more. Tips for shopping: never try to look or touch at any items even they might be interesting to you and asking you to buy the items. But, for your information, souvenirs in Indonesia quite cheap, starts from 20.000-100.000 rupiahs, depends on the size, ethnic, or places of origin. Mostly seller is selling at the fair price, while you can still bargain for cheaper one.

4. Health

Indonesia was a very very tropical country, means here is very hot. You can feel the sunshine more than 10 hours a day and the temperature may rise between the 20-35 degree of celsius. While you visiting beach or opened-area, make sure you already use sun block, hat, and bring enough drink so you will not be dehydrated. The hospital was easy to find in big cities, but when you travel to rural areas, you may find only clinics or small hospital. Bring your insurance card while travelling in Indonesia, so in cases something happens, it was easier for them to help you.

Travel Tips in Indonesia Hot weather

Travel Tips in Indonesia: Hot weather

5. If it is possible, try to book in advance

Due to the limited number of flights to from Jakarta to several places, especially in east part of Indonesia, like Papua, Maluku, and Nusa Tenggara, we recommend you to book a flight or hotel in advanced. While it is possible to buy flight tickets in the airports, it will takes your time and energy during the ticket queues. We already provides you big database of hotels that located around the tourism spots, we hope it will make your preparation easier.

6. Visa and Custom Regulation

You must have at least 6 (six) months validity of passport to enter Indonesia. Visa On Arrival (VOA) can be obtained at the International Airports in major cities of Indonesia. You can read full  about that in our article How to Prepare Visa to Indonesia.

Travel Tips in Indonesia Visa on Arrival

Travel Tips in Indonesia: Visa on Arrival

According to customs regulations, one adult is allowed to bring into Indonesia a maximum of one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 1000 grams of tobacco, and the reasonable amount of perfume. You can also bring camera, video and filming equipment, radios, or typewriters.

Narcotic, firearm and ammunition, and chinese (traditional) medicine are strictly prohibited. Fresh fruit, plants, and animals must be checked and passed by Quarantine Office in the airports.

7. Transportation in Indonesia

In the big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, Medan, or Makassar you can travel easliy by train, taxi, bus, or other smaller public transportation. But, if you go to go small island, like Maluku or other tiny islands you can rent a car or motorcycle to travel around. Bemo or Angkot is the well-known city transportation in Indonesia, being operated by local. The cheap prices, however, do not always included insurance.

If you rent a car and self-drive, please be careful while the road signs sometimes unclear or bad attitude of the local. Indonesian, like the most Asian countries uses “right side system”. If it is difficult for you to drive in the right side, try to find car rental that provides driver.

Intercity transportation in Indonesia mostly using airplanes, while Indonesia was archipelago, and it was quite difficult if you take several bus or train routes to go to Bali from jakarta for example.

Travel Tips in Indonesia Transportation

Travel Tips in Indonesia: Transportation

8. Keep on your Belongings

Indonesia is a safe country, but it does not mean you can left your belongings in public places and hope you will find it safe. So, please remember to ask baggage locker in the tourism spots, or leave it in your hotel. While you are swimming or snorkeling, don’t leave any valuable belongings unattended at the beach or in the boat.

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Last modified: December 24, 2016

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