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Before go and visit Indonesia, practically it was very beneficial for you to learn Indonesia language called “Bahasa Indonesia” or just simply “Bahasa”. Most of our friends ask, “Why?” The easy answer is majority Indonesian people can’t speak English, especially when you go outside big cities, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Medan. Even though there was only few numbers of scammers, but knowing a little but important Bahasa will give you a lot of benefit. Easy to understand the location? Of course, it will be easier to ask about location or access to tthe local people. But the most important thing was, you can interact more with the people and feel the culture or living society in Indonesia. Guess what? It was very nice. Tourism spots maybe so beautiful, but you can learn a lot from Indonesia rich culture.

Here is some–little but important–Bahasa (Indonesia), divided in to two groups: common sentences and words or vocabulary. You can save it, capture it, or just remember it to help you know and feel Indonesia more.

1. Common sentences

How are you? Apa kabar?
Nice to meet you Senang bertemu lagi
How much does it cost? Berapa harga yang ini?
Where can I…(verb/activity)? Di mana saya bisa …?
Sorry, can you say it again? Maaf, bisa di ulang lagi?
Thank you very much Terima kasih banyak
No, thank you Tidak, terima kasih
Excuse me, sir Permisi, pak
I would like to do a hiking! Saya ingin mendaki gunung!
What time is the flight take off? Jam berapa pesawat lepas landas?
Please do not bother me Tolong jangan ganggu saya
How to go to … (place)? Bagaimana cara ke …?
I must go now! Saya harus pergi sekarang!
I am pleased to meet you Saya senang bertemu dengan anda
Would you please help me? Bisakah anda bantu saya?
This food is delicious! Makanan ini enak sekali!
It was so beautiful scene Wow, indah sekali pemandangannya
What a useful website! Situs web yang sangat berguna!

2. Words and Vocabulary

Morning Pagi
Afternoon (11:00-3:00PM) Siang
Afternoon (3:00-6:00PM) Sore
Evening Malam
Today Hari ini
Tomorrow Besok
Stay at …(places) Menginap di…
Breakfast Makan pagi
Lunch Makan Siang
Dinner Makan malam
Congratulation for Selamat untuk
Children Anak-anak
Family Keluarga
Father Bapak, ayah
Mother Ibu
Walk Jalan kaki
Be careful Hati-hati
Go Pergi
Bus station Terminal bus
Boat Perahu

Last modified: December 2, 2016

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