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How Much Money Do I Need For Travel in Indonesia?

How Much Money Do I Need For Indonesia?-may become the main question for all of you before come to Indonesia. Indonesia, the big country, has so many places to visit and also culture and activities that you may try. From visiting temple, scuba diving, hiking mountain and seeing sunrise, and also make Batik or wood carving. So, your budget depends on where you go and the activities you wish to take part in.


Traveling With Family and Kids in Indonesia

What we should prepare when traveling with family and kids in Indonesia? It was true that Indonesia was not as famous as Japan or Singapore, but, in my opinion, was a very beautiful and friendly nation for all ages. From kids to old people, you can enjoy beauty of nature and rich of culture and traditional attractions. So, here are our tips to enjoy vacation with family and kids in Indonesia.


Money and Costs in Indonesia Rupiahs

“How Much Money Should I Bring to Indonesia?” That question has come first from the all of you who want to travel to Indonesia. Indonesia was a very big country, spreading almost 5.000 kilometers from west to the east, contains the big and mega city, even small and rural villages. Money and costs also varied, from the expensive one in the big city like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bali. The cheap one maybe in Yogyakarta or Banten. Well, to make it easier, we will give details the costs in rupiahs of the costs specific to the Bali and Lombok area, the most expensive one. It is supposed to travel in other cities is much cheaper because the cost of lodging and food is cheaper than those places.


How to Prepare Visa to Indonesia

Before you go to Indonesia, besides money and a travel plan, of course, you need the entry permit or visa. A lot of question from our readers, so we are preparing a guide: How to prepare visa to Indonesia. A tourist visa is issued from Indonesia’s Embassy for tourists who want to visit Indonesia. You can’t come to work or live for a long period in Indonesia using tourist visa because it was a criminal case. For you who have friends or family also in Indonesia, you need ┬átourist visas during your stay in Indonesia. (more…)

Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Before go and visit Indonesia, practically it was very beneficial for you to learn Indonesia language called “Bahasa Indonesia” or just simply “Bahasa”. Most of our friends ask, “Why?” The easy answer is majority Indonesian people can’t speak English, especially when you go outside big cities, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Medan. Even though there was only few numbers of scammers, but knowing a little but important Bahasa will give you a lot of benefit. Easy to understand the location? Of course, it will be easier to ask about location or access to tthe local people. But the most important thing was, you can interact more with the people and feel the culture or living society in Indonesia. Guess what? It was very nice. Tourism spots maybe so beautiful, but you can learn a lot from Indonesia rich culture.