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“How Much Money Should I Bring to Indonesia?” That question has come first from the all of you who want to travel to Indonesia. Indonesia was a very big country, spreading almost 5.000 kilometers from west to the east, contains the big and mega city, even small and rural villages. Money and costs also varied, from the expensive one in the big city like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bali. The cheap one maybe in Yogyakarta or Banten. Well, to make it easier, we will give details the costs in rupiahs of the costs specific to the Bali and Lombok area, the most expensive one. It is supposed to travel in other cities is much cheaper because the cost of lodging and food is cheaper than those places.

Besides being known as a country with very broad of cultural experiences, traditional foods and ceremonies, scenic nature view, Indonesia is also listed as the country with the world’s cheapest living costs. Jakarta may be the biggest and the most expensive one, but, as a tourist, you will only transit in Jakarta, and spend most of your money in the tourism places.

As a simple example, the price of mineral water bottle sizes are in Indonesia we can buy for less than 5,000 rupiahs (0,5 USD). Have imagined is not the cost of living in Indonesia is quite cheap? Let we just started the calculation, based on Bali or Lombok. Please remember this, at the end, I will give you reduction factor for the other cities.


The inn is the most important thing in our trip or vacation. Not only as a place to rest at night, but also a place to put items such as luggage or souvenirs when we were strolling to the attractions around. Based on our database, tourists in Indonesia usually booking or searching two or three-star hotel with a rate of 1-1,5 million rupiahs. Back again, this is a matter of your selection. If you’re comfortable with the two or three-star hotel or want a more luxurious hotel, of course, the price will be different.

White sandy Sanur Beach Bali

White sandy Sanur Beach view in Bali


For breakfast, you can go to the morning market, cafe, or nearest restaurant. Hotel or large inns in Bali or Lombok usually close to restaurant (modern or traditional). You can buy one package of food, contains a full plate of rice, fish or meats, and vegetables around 30.000-50.000 rupiahs. But, if you want western or modern food, it may cost you around 80.000-100.000 rupiahs. For lunch which is usually carried out near the tourist spots, you can order buffet package (called as Prasmanan in Indonesia). The prices start from 100.000-200.000. Also for dinner, moreover same as your breakfast, around 50.000 rupiahs.

If you plan to book the Inn at Airbnb could also consider which have kitchens and cooking utensils. You can cut costs by cooking instant noodles (around 2.000 rupiahs each) as a substitute for breakfast or dinner. Instant noodles in Indonesia was claimed as one of the best in the world.

As a note, we also can eat fast food, like burgers, hot dogs, or fried chicken which is the much cheaper price. But, let’s try for the new kind of food. Being far away from your hometown, why don’t you enjoy the specialties here, hehe.

Well, the cost for a meal one day spent roughly 250,000 rupiahs to buy drinking water included in the trip.

Costs rupiahs for eating in Indonesia

Costs rupiahs for eating in Indonesia


If you want to get around the city, especially to visit several attractions in one day, you should consider renting a car (with or without driver). Compared using a taxi or traditional transportation (bus or angkot), rent a car much cheaper, faster, and also easier. But, if you want to go to one or two tourism spots, better just take the taxi or traditional transportation. Well, for traveling all day to attractions typically spend around 100,000-250.000 rupiahs.

And if you want to take a flight to another city (while flight or transportation by air was the easiest way to travel in Indonesia), you need to pay 500.000-1,5 million rupiahs, the costs depend by the distance.

Conclusion on Money and Costs in Indonesia Rupiahs

And a simple count of the data above, the total amount of money required to spend one day in Indonesia (Bali and Lombok) was around to 1,5-2 million rupiahs for one city, exclude the intercity transportation. Quite cheap? Yes, indeed. But, your activities will cost you much. Diving in Bali costs around 3 millions rupiahs, night tour in the luxury boat costs up to 5 million dollars.

Reduction Factor of Money and Costs in Indonesia Rupiahs

As I told you before, I will give you reduction factor for the other cities. So, for Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Manado, reduction factor is around 0,9. It means you will spend approximately 1,4-1,8 million rupiahs. For other Sulawesi area, Maluku, and other Nusa Tenggara area, you can use 0,8 factor. Then, for Sumatera area, Banten, Semarang, and East Java, you can use 0,7 factor. Special for Papua (especially Raja Ampat), you can’t use reduction factor, but multiply factor around 1,3, means you will spend 2-2,4 million rupiahs per day.

Image source: Wikipedia CommonsChristian Lee, Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts

Last modified: December 24, 2016

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